Browns River Cottage restoration update

The restoration plan is to keep the cottage to very much how it stands today but to rebuild a couple of the more dominant features of yesteryear.

Apart from the mandatory electrical and plumbing works needed to bring the cottage up to standard, the restoration list includes the following:

  • Rebuild the verandah with double French doors to the left of the original chimney that leads into the lounge room as you look at the cottage from the eastern side. (This was an original feature when the cottage was first used as the club’s first clubhouse back in 1922).
  • Rebuild the chimney and fireplace to the main bedroom on the southern side of the cottage as you see it from the men’s fifth tee. (This is where the blue plastic protection cover is at the moment).
  • Rebuild the verandah roof on the Browns River side at the back of the cottage. An existing concrete footprint remains indicating where the original verandah was.
  • The only slightly significant change inside is to remove the majority of the wall separating the kitchen from the dining lounge area and frame the opening with large pieces of recycled timber (at least 200mm square, larger if possible) hopefully salvaged from an old bridge or wharf or similar. (If anyone knows where timber like this can be sourced please contact the club).

We have the remnants of a good quality replaced kitchen (kindly donated by our treasurer) which can hopefully be modified and refitted. We will remove the hot water service from the kitchen and relocate it to provide more cupboard/bench space.

Over the past months we have salvaged old weather boards from other vintage buildings to replace existing rotting boards on the cottage exterior. These were kindly sanded ready for reuse by Peter Males and Vinny Sorrentino in early March.

We have located some replacement exterior windows the same as existing windows, some of which are beyond repair.

Golfers will shortly notice that the cottage wall facing the fourth green will be renovated and painted to give everyone an idea of how the cottage will look when it’s completed.

About the same time golfers will see a newly erected stand as they walk from the fourth green to the fifth tees. The stand will explain what the club intends to do with the cottage and will point people to the fund raising website.

The cottage grounds will be defined by a newly built fence and the garden and lawn/grass areas leading down to the river will be cleaned up and revitalised.

Cottage Fundraiser

Restoration of the Browns River Cottage in our centenary year

Over $4,600 already donated!

With the help of many volunteers, the Club has begun work on restoring the old cottage on the river bank behind the fourth green. You can read more about the history of this building and make a donation by clicking here. The restoration effort will allow the cottage to once again be used for accommodation. 
We aim to raise $20,000 by July to get a good roll on with the work, and have once again partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to raise funds for this worthwhile project. The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Shortly after making your donation, you’ll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return. Would you make a contribution to help us achieve this? A donation of any amount would help us get there.
If you don’t want a tax deduction, you can of course donate direct via the office. 
Cash isn’t the only thing that will help us with this project. We welcome donations of labour and materials, or donations in kind from trades and suppliers. Contact Tony Lorkin on 0412 715 222 if you’d like to help this way.
Donors will receive a complimentary round of golf at the Club, and donations exceeding $200 in value have the option of being acknowledged on the plaque that will be placed outside the cottage. 

Course care

Repairing divots

Repairing pitch marks