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Hurricanes players (and Bert) after a round today.
Hurricanes players (and Bert) after a round today.
(NAMES to be added) with Harry from ProShop

Hurricanes players with Bert and Harry on the course today.

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Brett’s send off

Dear members

We have been liaising with Nik about Brett’s funeral arrangements. While his original plan was to hold a ‘community’ wake at the club following the private funeral this Friday, this plan has had to change. With the likelihood of bad weather on Friday, we would be unable to accommodate more than 100 people inside the clubhouse due to COVID restrictions. 

Nik has now advised that Friday’s wake will be a private affair for family and close friends who are attending the funeral.

A community wake will be held at Kingston Beach Golf Club from 4.30pm on Friday 23 October; all our members are invited to attend.

David Patmore
Tuesday 6 October 2020

Vale Brett

Dear members

I am deeply saddened to be writing to let you know that Brett Johns passed away earlier today. I cannot tell you much more, as few details are known at this time.
Brett will be greatly missed and fondly remembered, not just for his golfing talent and achievements. His caring, warm and affable personality, and his loyalty and commitment made him countless friends. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Nik and Janne.
I will let you know about arrangements to honour Brett and his contribution to KBGC, in the near future.  
David Patmore
Tuesday 29 September 2020

Storage area changes

If you have equipment in our storage areas…

If you have equipment in our storage areas (eg, batteries, clubs, buggies), we need your help so we can deliver a better service. By next Monday, 5 October, please can you:

  • collect a tag from the pro shop for each of your items
  • write your name on the tag(s)
  • attach a tag to each item. 

If you cannot attend the Club by Monday to tag your equipment, please arrange for someone else to do so, or email [email protected] with details of what you have in storage.
After next Monday, any unlabelled equipment in the storage area will be removed from the area. We will be reorganising and remarking the spaces in the area shortly after. 

Thanks for your prompt assistance in this matter.

Bonus Membership Offer

Dear members

Unfortunately I am writing to once again remind members about the conditions upon which motorised carts are permitted for use at KBGC. Many of you have expressed concerns to myself and other committee members, and indeed we have observed recent damage such as that shown in the photo below.

Members using carts must familiarise themselves with the club by-laws regarding cart use, which are available from the office. These conditions are designed to protect our course for the enjoyment of all.

Key points and recent concerns relate specifically to the following:

Drive carts along the path where provided, otherwise on the rough – strictly not on fairways.
Do not drive or leave carts:
within 10 metres of tees, tee-mounds, greens, water hazards or bunkers, or anywhere between bunkers and greens (carts must be driven around the outside of greenside bunkers), orwithin hazard boundary lines, orthrough sodden areas, newly formed work, roped areas or turf repairs.Park your cart at the back of the green, or to the side leading to the next tee, before putting. When you finish the hole, get into the cart and move on to the next teeing ground before marking your scorecard. This helps the speed of play. 

Failure to observe these conditions may result in suspension or termination of approval to use a cart, in accordance with the by-laws. Members who observe anyone using a cart contrary to these protocols is asked to notify Brett or myself as soon as practicable.

I will also take this opportunity to remind everyone to take a sand bucket and replace and repair divots and pitch marks. No one appreciates their ball coming to rest on damaged turf, so please do your bit. 

All members, and our greens crew will appreciate your cooperation in these matters.

David Pretyman