The Club was officially opened in 1922, having developed into an 18 hole links course from earlier beginnings. The first recorded game of golf was organised here by the Nettlefold family in 1920. Robert Nettlefold used the family property as an improvised course and indeed established the Kingston Beach Golf Course.
The beautiful red brick Clubhouse building was built in 1834, originally a farm house, and now listed on the National Trust heritage register.
The course, known as Nettlefold Reserve, was proclaimed a bird sanctuary in 1942 and as many as 80 species of birds inhabit the area. Originally links in style, over the years many trees have been planted to tighten up the course.
An ongoing program of works has greatly improved both course aesthetics and playability. Our proximity to Browns River has historically created drainage issues, however work in recent years has addressed this.